Jonathan Richman

dreams do come true... i know this but I always doubt it when to much time passes in between the little miracles... It was a beautiful sunny day in Oakland...I was playing my jarana out on the porch when he arrived. "Why don't we do it out here" jonathan suggested. So Dayle and Ian were kind enough to bring the studio out to us! We sat on the deck and I did my best from freaking out. I expected him to play on one song and instead we spent the afternoon jamming on several of my new tunes including the classic...Moms Song. I've heard pleny of jonathan stories so I was a bit nervous and intimidated in his presence. My hand kept freezing up when i was finger picking and it took forever for my voice to start warming up.... he was gracious and extremely kind. By his own confession, Jonathan is latino at heart. He plays a mean flamenco guitar!

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