1994 Undiscovered Underground- The Longfields - South West Sounds (ARTIST)

1998 Star Maps Soundtrack -  Geffen Records (PRODUCER/ ARTIST)

1998 Tree of Hope - Lysa Flores  - Bring Your Love Records (PRODUCER/ ARTIST/LABEL)

1998 Barrios Artistas- Lysa Flores - MexNut Enterprises (ARTIST)

1999 One Mans Meat- Viggo Mortensen - TDRS Music (ARTIST)

2000 Tijuana Bibles- BringYourLove Records (LABEL)

2000 Mexican Divas 3 Opcion Sonica USA (ARTIST)

2003 The Best of Mexican Divas Opcion Sonica USA (ARTIST)

2004 Frozen Stars Soundtrack (ARTIST)

2004 The Making of a Trophy Grrrl - Lysa Flores - Bring Your Love Records (PRODUCER/ARTIST/LABEL)

2008 Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John- Peter Case (ARTIST)

2008 Bring Your Love - Lysa Flores - Bring Your Love Records (PRODUCER/ ARTIST/LABEL

2016 Alice Bag - Debut Release- Don Giovanni Records (PRODUCER/ARTIST)

2016 It Hurts To Be Your Girl - Bring Your Love Records (PRODUCER/ARTIST)

2017 Alice Bag - Reign of Fear (PRODUCER/ARTIST)

2018 Alice Bag - Blue Print  Don Giovanni Records (PRODUCER/ARTIST)

2019 Alice Bag - Sister Dynamite In The Red Records (PRODUCER/ARTIST)

2020 Decolonize Our Love - Lysa Flores - ACTA (ARTIST)

 Upcoming - Immigrant Daughter- Bring Your Love Records (PRODUCER/ARTIST)



1998 Star Maps  Fox Searchlight (ACTRESS, ARTIST, MUSIC DIRECTOR)

2000 Green Light Yourself (ACTRESS)

2003 Menace  Lionsgate (ACTRESS)



1998 Reyes y Rey (ACTRESS, ARTIST)

PBS Senior Year (ARTIST)



2008 El Vez DVD Live in Madrid - MUNSTER RECORDS

2018 Alice Bag Turn It Up - Don Giovanni

2018 Alice Bag "77" - Don Giovanni

2019 Alice Bag "Breadcrumbs" - In The Red

2019 Alice Bag "Sister Dynamite" - In The Red



A Latina in the Land of Hollywood - Cover photo

Calligraphy of the Witch- Cover photo

American Sabor - 

Loca Motion - 

Land of a Thousand Dances -


More to come...