Beware of Chains

Our family pet hung himself last night. He was a beautiful huge champion Pit Bull. Words can't describe this magnificant dog. The last few days he had been jumping a 7ft fence so my brother decided to tie him up while he went to work his graveyard shift. When he returned at 7am he found him hanging over the fence. I can't tell you how devasting it was for my little brother to find him. I'm sure you can imagine. I'm sharing this personal story because i've been hearing how common it is. I'm a dog mom myself. I've got two beautiful Jindos and recently Tibu had been going crazy over our new neighbors cats. One morning about a month ago...i let them out to pee as usual and went back to bed. I drempt that something had happened to one of my dogs and when i woke up i called for them. Only Oso showed up. I knew something was wrong so I flew out of bed and went outside. Tibu had tried to jump the fence and his collar got caught on the tip of the iron. I tried to scream but nothing came out. When i got to him he panicked and scratched the shit out of me. I was finally able to lift his body up to free his collar from the fence. I carried him back inside and placed him on the bed. I was crying and shaking and wasn't sure what to do next. After 30 seconds of him frozen, he shoke it off and jumped off the bed as if nothing had ever happened. My brothers weren't so lucky. It's been nonstop crying. some blaming and a lot of disbelief at the flores house. We've lost pets before but never in such a fucked up way. What is even stranger is that two days ago i wrote a song called California Orange Groves whose main character is a dog who is waiting for his chance to run free. I'm not shitting you. I wrote it and went into the studio the next day which i have never done before. D.J. came in and accompanied me on the jew harp. i don't really know what any of these coincidences mean. I only know it's fucked up to lose a pet especially when it is preventable. In the attempt to protect our dog, the only mistake that my little brother made was to not check the length of the chain. As the saying goes, he had enough rope to hang himself. So, in honor of my dog, your dogs,and the recent dog slaughters in China, here's a great organization that helps save lives instead.