Photobucket This is from an article in the Chicago Sun Times....back in the day...... Lysa Flores has a leading role in "Star Maps," an audience favorite at this year's prestigious Sundance Film Festival. But oddly enough, the 23-year-old actress couldn't be less interested in securing a followup to her feature film debut. "Music is my first love and it always will be," Flores said after a recent solo acoustic gig at the Hard Rock Cafe. "Personally, I feel there's a lack of interesting roles for women, period. But there are even less for ethnic women. I'm not going to go play a maid or a crack mom just to be in a movie." Down-to-earth in an easygoing manner that gives away her California upbringing, Flores isn't being precious. Rather, she's being realistic about her ..." Any how, Star Maps is now available on itunes in case you missed it the first time around.