The Good The Bad and the Bubble

Last night I performed one of the roughest sets of my career. A soloists nightmare....a bad mix / bad sound... I was performing in a bubble of muffled sound with a piercing humm coming out of the monitor... My throat was super dry i thought i was going to joke on every next word and there was a gap between the stage and the audience which was huddled closer to the free drinks rather than the stage. I only sang two songs but it felt like eternity. I recognized a few supportive faces in the Elvez and Gabriel (ex Quetzal singer) who were completely honest with me about the weird performance. As I was getting off stage two members from the Black Eyed Peas were coming up to introduce Ozo... (they were very nice). So...what prevented me from fleeing the stage like i really wanted to do. The Boyle Heights Tech Center. This event was a fundraiser for the new center that is going to provide facilities to kids that deserve a refuge from the streets. It's a place to study, create films and music and grow! I can't imagine what it would have been like to have a center like this when i was growing up in eastlos. There is even a recording studio! I haven't been to a red carpet event like this for a while since leaving the film world... some notibles to mention...Snoop Dogg and rockstar mayor ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA who along with a lot of dedicated people made this amazing new center happen. Thanks Sheila!